Friday, February 24, 2012

Hammerhead Tiberius First Strike Barrels

Hammerhead Tiberius Barrels are finally in stock!  Available in both 8.5" and 14" lengths, the Hammerhead barrels will bring legendary rifling to your Tiberius T8.1 and T9.1.  Hammerhead Tiberius barrels are .688 bore and are compatible with First Strike Rounds.

Hammerhead Tiberius Barrels
All Hammerhead barrels utilized a patented rifling process that has been proven to provide superior accuracy over the competition.  Rifling is an inner spiral groove that is cut into the bore to help control spin as the ball leaves the barrel.  The controlled spin allows the ball to resist outside forces, providing far better groupings.  Couple that rifling process with Tiberius First Strike Rounds and you've got one spot-on marker that will ruin your competition's day at the field.

ROCKSTAR Tactical now offers rear fin options for all the Hammerhead barrels.  A5/X7, 98 or Autococker barrels that include 1 Hammerhead fin are now available with your choice of 5 fins.  Pick-up a Hammerhead Tiberius Barrel today.  

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