Friday, February 24, 2012

Hammerhead Tiberius First Strike Barrels

Hammerhead Tiberius Barrels are finally in stock!  Available in both 8.5" and 14" lengths, the Hammerhead barrels will bring legendary rifling to your Tiberius T8.1 and T9.1.  Hammerhead Tiberius barrels are .688 bore and are compatible with First Strike Rounds.

Hammerhead Tiberius Barrels
All Hammerhead barrels utilized a patented rifling process that has been proven to provide superior accuracy over the competition.  Rifling is an inner spiral groove that is cut into the bore to help control spin as the ball leaves the barrel.  The controlled spin allows the ball to resist outside forces, providing far better groupings.  Couple that rifling process with Tiberius First Strike Rounds and you've got one spot-on marker that will ruin your competition's day at the field.

ROCKSTAR Tactical now offers rear fin options for all the Hammerhead barrels.  A5/X7, 98 or Autococker barrels that include 1 Hammerhead fin are now available with your choice of 5 fins.  Pick-up a Hammerhead Tiberius Barrel today.  

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Free Shipping Event Going on Now - This Weekend Only!

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Free Shipping to the Continental US going on now! No promo codes needed, no order minimums. Just select the 'Free Ship' option during checkout and we'll cover the shipping. Don't miss out on a chance to get your paintball gear shipped for free!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Closed for the Holiday Monday January 2nd

We will be closed on Monday, January 2nd for a much needed break.  Both UPS and the Post office are closed today due to New Years falling on a Sunday.  Normal business hours will resume Tuesday, January 3rd at 9am est

Friday, December 23, 2011

Virtue Clock Paintball Chronograph

Virtue now offers one of the most advanced paintball chronographs ever released. The new Virtue Clock offers backyard players a way to not only monitor velocity, but a whole lot more!  Test your marker for consistency with the built-in memory feature and calculate your average FPS and BPS.  The easy trigger activated programming menu allows you to scroll through the list of features and customize a whole spectrum of modes including:

Game Timer
Break Timer
Timer Options
Screen Standby Time
Auto Shutdown Time
FPS Limit (beep)
BPS Limit (beep)
Demo Mode
12-Hour Clock Time
Customizable Name

One of the nicest features of the Virtue Clock Chronograph is that fact that it is RF compatible.  Future uprgades from Virtue will allow you to transmit the information stored in the Clock Chronograph wirelessly to a remote computer.  This allow you to test your marker after upgrading to determine performance gains or consistency results and track it over time.

Checkout the video below

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Lapco Paintball Goes Flat Dark Earth!

Lapco Paintball has some exciting news about their wildly popular paintball stocks, mags and accessories now available in an optional color. Lapco has released a number of their M4 and MP5 magazines as well as a few new buttstocks in Flat Dark Earth (FDE). This is a favorite among many players, especially those in western States that play in dry, desert type environments. Most played would have to resort to duracoat or painting their mag kit or stock if they wanted to achieve a true FDE to match other FDE components on their weapon. Lapco's FDE products are colored during the molding process which means the color is built into the composite material. There is no paint and therefore no loss of color due to scratches or paint chipping.

Lapco Flat Dark Earth G36 A5 Stock

The new FDE Products include a line of folding stocks. The Lapco FDE PDW Folding stock, AK Folding and G36 Folding are each available to fit both the A5 and 98 markers (as well as other paintball guns that accept the same stock adapter). All are about 10" in length and feature a spring loaded hinge that allows the stock to fold to the side to shorten the gun during times when space is limited or when a pistol type weapon is more appropriate. Combine the AK, PDW or G36 Folding Flat Dark Earth Stocks with an Lapco FDE M4 or MP5 Mag Kit and instantly transform the look of your paintball marker.

The entire line of Lapco's FDE accessories will be available from ROCKSTAR Tactical.  Stop by and browse the selection in stock today!

New Aluminum 416 Shroud for the 2011 A5.

The 416 M4 is one of the most desired looks for Tippmann A5 owners. The original 416 shroud is only compatible with pre- 525,000 serial number A5's. This means the standard original 416 shroud will only work on original A5's. This is mostly because of subtle changes to the new Selector Switch A5. The new 2011 A5 SS has a wider rear sight post molded into the receiver. This prevents the original 416 shroud from fitting the new 2011 A5 properly without heavy modification... until now...

We now have the Updated Aluminum 416 Shroud for the 2011 Tippmann A5. The new 416 Shroud has the same metal body as the original with the same number and length of composite rails. The 2011 A5 416 Shroud Kit in designed to accommodate the subtle differences in the new A5, making it a perfect fit for anyone looking to turn their marker into a 416 battle machine.  It works with all 2011 A5 models (Semi-Auto, RT and E-Grip).

2011 A5 416 Shroud

Features of the New 416 Shroud Include:
Material - Aluminum Frame w/ Composite Rails
Overall Length - 16 3/4"
Number of Rails - 4
Top Rail Length - 14"
Right Side Rail Length - 6"
Left Side Rail Length - 8"
Bottom Rail Length - 6"
Front Opening Diameter - 1"

We are now offering the 2011 A5 416 Shroud at a reduced introductory price of only $89.95.  That's $10 off the normal retail price.  This also qualifies Continental US owners for free shipping.  A super deal that won't last.... get yours today!