Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Release: VForce Grill Dual Pane Thermal Lenses

Everyone knows that a foggy goggle system means a lousy day at the field.  In extreme tempertures, it's essential to have the best protection possible against the dreaded fog-up.  The new VForce Grill Dual Pane Thermal lenses can provide the highest level of protection against fogging for your Grill Goggle System.

The new Grill Dual Pane Lenses are a 'true' dual lens system.  The dual lens concept was taken from the dual pane windows you'd find in a house.  The pocket of air within the two panes acts as a buffer in regards to the temperature difference between the inside and outside.  The helps to reduce the changes of moisture collecting on the lens surface resulting in fogging.

VForce Grill Dual Pane Thermal Lens

VForces Dual Pane Grill lenses use the most superior coatings available today.  All VForce lens systems are compatible with VForce's patented 'QuickChange' system. This allows the lens to be removed, cleaned and re-installed within seconds utilizing no tools at all.

VForce Grill Dual Pane Thermals come in a variety of colors.  Choose between the standard colors of Clear, Smoke or Yellow or add some style with a Mirrored lens.  Mirrored lens are available in Blue, Silver, Gold and Burnt Orange.

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