Monday, September 26, 2011

The Empire Prophecy Z2 Paintball Loader

Empire has released the next generation of the famed Prophecy tournament level loader.  The Empire Prophecy Z2 Paintball loader is packed with features that is guaranteed to keep your marker well fed, no matter the firing rate.  Functioning as the brain of your set-up, the Prophecy Z2 monitors rate of fire, drive force and jamming.  Other Phophecy Z2 features includes:

No Tools needed for assembly and disassembly
Sound Activated force feeding
Infrared sensors provide automatic ball jam clearance
Low profile and lightweight
Redesigned drive carrier for consistent and faster feeding
Integrated one-piece feed neck for durability
Simple ON/OFF toggle switch
Includes built-in Rip Drive System
Push button Forward and Reverse buttons
Shoots Reballs consistently
RF (Radio Frequency) Upgradeable
Capacity-approximately 200 paintballs

Empire Prophecy Z2 Paintball Loader

The Prophecy Z2 is best suited for high-end, high rate of fire paintball guns.  If you're looking to maximize the performance of your set-up, choose the Phophecy Z2 for ultra-fast, consistent loading.  Now available through ROCKTSTAR Tactical Systems.

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